Wuben L1 Dual Flashlight

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Mediterranean Fly Trap Bait

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Purchased this product last year as a trail as i had heard about it on the radio. Thought id give it a go and see how it performed. Was amazed at how much fly it caught , and as a result got almost 98% of all my fruit free of fruit fly. Very impressed with the product so come back for more this year. looks like a bumper crop of fruit for me this year , so lets hope the traps perform as well as last year , as i'm sure they will .. and i will be extremely happy. And so easy to order online , and very fast delivery too , no sooner had i ordered than they arrived .

Gary A.

The Bondic plastic welder is very good , it fixes all of my items within 20 seconds and gives a good strong bond for all the things I use. DBW is quite prompt at processing and shipping my order , the order was process the same day and shipped on the next day and got the order within 2 days .

Steve R.

I chose to support X3 because of the perfect size and great ideas like rotating head for edc. Also the price-performance with all of its functions is phenomenal. For me the most appealing feature is the ability to use wireless charging. At home, at work and in my car i could charge wireless like my mobile phone. Thank you all for your hard work and great ideas.

Fatih Markus

We have purchased these lighters before and find them so easy to use…No mess getting them out and no smelly fingers. Great product and service

Loretta W.

I'd recommend the product to any other landscapers, DIY dads or just anyone that want to keep a job site clean and just do something good for the environment.

Lachie G

I've bought this product beforehence buying it again. Delivery was fast and the product does an exceptional job.

stephen k.

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