A portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.

Dump Your Slurry The Better Way.

Wet trade slurry from the wash up of cement, concrete, grouts, render and sediment is generated on building sites each day. Typically, at the end of the day, all tools including cutting machinery, mixers, wheelbarrows, and hand tools must be washed before the wet trade slurry sets. Often the equipment is cleaned in improvised ‘wash out areas’ including gardens and lawns or on our pavements, driveways, roads, and gutters, leaving an unsightly mess. This wrongful slurry disposal when washing up causes serious environmental harm including soil degradation or worse, contamination of stormwater drains and waterways.

Slurry waste incorrectly disposed of in gardens can leach through the soil and alter the soil chemistry, inhibit plant growth, and contaminate the groundwater. While slurry entering stormwater drains quickly ends up in our rivers, creeks, groundwaters and oceans. Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, nutrients, and other pollutants bind to the sediments and are easily transported spreading the pollution and causing irreversible damage to our delicate ecosystems and aquatic life. Irresponsible disposal of the waste will also cause serious maintenance problems with the stormwater infrastructure - which will result in a large financial penalty for the site manager, usually the builder.

Job Site Done Right.


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